TXT Member Profile: Taehyun

Stage Name: Taehyun (태현)
Birth Name: Kang Tae Hyun (강태현)
English Name: Terry Kang
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: February 5th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Spotify Playlist: TXT: TAEHYUN

Taehyun Facts:
– Taehyun is from Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– Taehyun was the 4th member to be revealed on January 17th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a caique parrot (Questioning film)
– His representative flower is a Daffodil (Questioning Film).
– At the end of his Questioning Film, the morse code translates to “Clue”.
– Family: Dad, mom, older sister, older brother.
– Hobbies: Swimming and football (Debut showcase).
– He is a student at Hanlim Arts School.
– Taehyun likes sweet things including Caramel Frappuccino (Community Site).
– Taehyun is someone who focuses on the present more than worrying about the future (Community Site).
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream (Fanmeeting 030619).
– He is left-handed.
– Taehyun sleeps with his eyes open and they don’t close all the way. (V-LIVE).
– Taehyun has a really angled nose (60°) (Debut showcase).
– He is mature and passionate (Debut showcase).
– He speaks English.
– Taehyun used to do educational videos teaching kids how to speak english when he was a little kid.
– He has a sister who also speaks English.
– He likes photography.
– According to Korean netizens, he was in one or more local advertisements.
– Yeonjun says Taehyun is in charge of passion and fashion in the group (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Taehyun can’t eat spicy food (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Taehyun is very strong (TALK X TODAY Ep.4).
– He sees himself as a cat (Fansign 150319).
– He has been a trainee for 3 years (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite movie is ‘Inception’ (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite color is yellow (Fansign 150319).
– Taehyun has a cat named Hobak. (which means pumpkin in English)
– Taehyun, Beomgyu and Kai have the top bunks (After School Club).
– The first think he orders at a cheap snack restaurant is peach flavored juice (TXT, ㅋㅋ DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
– He is a big fan of BTS’ Jungkook.